Our manufacturing partners are committed to exceeding the engineering standards and application requirements set forth by our clients.

Merwede has established itself as “The Standard in Non-Standard Valves” by producing engineered valves of the highest quality for the most severe services. Gates, Globes, Ball, Needle and Check Valves are manufactured almost exclusively from barstock and forgings. Sizes range from 1″ to 36″ in pressure classes from ASME 150 to API 10,000. Materials vary from Aluminum Bronze to Zirconium. Merwede is truly a global leader in specialty valves.

The Actuator Technology Company (ATC) manufactures the world’s most compact pneumatic and hydraulic valve actuators. The ATC actuator was specifically designed for offshore oil & gas production with topsides, splash zone and subsea configurations. Applications that particularly benefit from our compact design are those where installation space is limited, like on topsides, high-pressure manifolds, internal/external turret areas and (vertical mounted) riser valves. A compact actuator design could also benefit the handling, mounting and alignment in case large valve sizes/high pressure ratings do apply. Available with an API 6A, RP2 monogram, the ATC actuators are also installed water depths to 10,000 ft. with a complete with range of ROV interfacing and receptacles to ISO 13638-8 2002.

Precision machined check valves from barstock and forgings in sizes 1″ to 54″, pressure classes through ASME 2500 and API 15,000, and in virtually any material. Offshore E & P, Refining, Petrochemical, Chemical, Pulp and Paper, and the Power industry have all utilized the Hy-Grade design with outstanding results and performance.

All configurations of high pressure piping components required for process systems. Special manifold fittings, bleed rings, and spacers in pressure classes thru API20K. High alloy materials and large diameters done as a standard. Not limited by dimension or flow requirements.